I am a London based e-commerce freelance photographer, working mainly in fashion and advertising. My past clientele, among others, includes Selfridges, Marks & Spencer, I Heart Studios, The Rake Magazine, Fila and Converse, with my work having been published in Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Reveal, Girl Gaze Project, Vogue, Off The Block Magazine and many more.

My journey in the fashion photography industry began with the leading e-commerce photographic studio, 100% Digital, where I gained experience in producing model, still life and campaign imagery, set building, videography (filming and editing) and lookbook creation. Next, I went on to work as head of photography for the womenswear brand Morv London. Here, my role involved me managing a team and taking creative control over the photography, editing, model sourcing, location scouting and website design. I would work closely with the designer to come up with unique and innovative concepts for photoshoots to support the brand’s philosophy on empowering women. 

In 2017 I left my full-time role at Morv London to begin freelancing, where my clientele has since included names such as the ones listed above. Now I work closely with clients to capture their visions and turn them into reality. Both quality and comfort are a top priority for me. I want my clients to feel comfortable in the working environment I provide, as well as leave with full satisfaction. To guarantee this, I offer free consultation services so I can understand your requirements before I get to work, as well as free amendment services.

When I’m not doing photography for fashion brands, I like to use my skills and experience for issues I care about. In the past, I’ve worked with charities such as Action Against Hunger and Her Farm.